Started in 1994, the D.Daskalopoulos Collection is today an extended yet focused collection of contemporary art, comprising of over 500 works by 220 leading international and Greek artists.

The artworks included in the collection reflect the pertinent themes of the artistic practice of recent decades, focusing on the human body as a source of creativity and the vessel of existential, social and ideological struggle.

Many of the most significant names in post-war and contemporary art are represented - figures whose output and ideas have shaped the way in which subsequent generations of artists have developed and others continue to emerge.

Important artists represented in depth include Matthew Barney, Lynda Benglis, John Bock, Louise Bourgeois, Paul Chan, Robert Gober, David Hammons, Mona Hatoum, Damien Hirst, Martin Kippenberger, Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Bruce Nauman, Paul Pfeiffer and Kiki Smith.

The collection gives particular prominence to large scale installation and sculpture works, as well as drawing, collage, film and video. There is a high density representation of large-scale installations and the collection assumes the responsibility of the logistical and conservation commitment this requires. Examples of such work are: Chrysler Imperial (2002) by Matthew Barney, a joint acquisition with the Guggenheim Museum, NY and promised gift to the Guggenheim Museum, NY,  Unplugged (Simply Botiful) (2007) by Christoph Büchel, Visible World (1986) by Fischli&Weiss, Current Disturbance (1996) by Mona Hatoum, Cavemanman (2002) by Thomas Hirschhorn,  Tomato Head (Burgundy) (1994) by Paul McCarthy, Dependance/Independence (1995) by Annette Messager, Exhuming Gluttony: Another Requiem (2006/11) by Wangechi Mutu, Enforced Perspective: Allegory and Symbolism (1976) by Bruce Nauman and The Saints (2007) by Paul Pfeiffer. The balance of scale tips to the other side within the collection with the delicate presence of large groups of small scale drawings by artists such as: Paul Chan, David Hammons, Jim Hodges, Martin Kippenberger, Dieter Roth and a collection of Joseph Beuys multiples.

While tracing key aesthetic developments of the last 25 years, the collection includes carefully considered key works from earlier in the twentieth century – by artists such as Marina Abramović, Joseph Beuys, Marcel Duchamp, Gilbert & George, Robert Morris, Dieter Roth and Paul Thek –that root the collection historically.

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Header image: Paul Chan, 3rd Light (from The 7 Lights, 2005 – 07), 2006